Monday, 28 May 2012

Festival Time - Global Gathering.

Last week my lovely friend Amy and I booked our Global Gathering tickets and I AM SO EXCITED. I have been to Glastonbury, Reading and V so I'm  no festival virgin however I have never been to Global. Glasto was my first festival back in 2009, it was the best few days of my life and no festival has ever come close to bettering it. That being said the line up for Global is amaze and I can see it being a weekend full of dancing, drinking and generally loving life so it could possibly beat it! 

Glastonbury 2009 

We went for VIP tickets which basically give us showers, nicer loos and a few other comforts. Alright alright I know it's cheating, feel free to judge away! But I have spent the last 3 years slumming it at festivals making my poor friends help me wash my hair at those freezing water taps dotted around the campsite or blasting my hair with so much Batiste it has a slight grey tinge... not a good look. So I just thought enough is enough, I'm going to attempt to look attractive this year and actually be in some photos as I usually hide my grimness by running away from all photographic evidence. 

So anyway this has naturally got me thinking of my festival wardrobe. Staples include:

  • Barbour jacket
  • Hunter Wellies
  • Denim shorts
  • Big Sunnnies
  • Floral Headband
  • Plain crop tops
  • Leotards
  • Floral blouses
  • Graphic tees
  • Jumper/Sweater

My Festival Staples - bare in mind it has rained A LOT at every festival I've ever been too!

Classic Barbour

Selection of tops

Floral Blouse - Urban Outfitters

Graphie tee - Topshop

Crop top - Blue Rinse

Leotard/ Body - American Apparel

Candy Stripe shorts - Topshop, DIY studded Vintage Levi's 

Burgundy Jumper - Urban Outfitters, Tie-Dye Sweater - Zara 


Sunglasses - Dior, Headband - Topshop

Those are basics I have taken pretty much every year however to add to my basics I plan on purchasing:

  • Tie dye tees - I'm loving the ones in Urban Outfitters at the min but I'm skint so will be recreating my own in the near future
  • A rucksack - I hate bags at festival they always get in the way of me boogying so I think a small rucksack may be the answer to my prayers
  • Something feather related, I am in LOVE with Regal Rose's feather hair accessories
  • Something fringed... its a festival I'm allowed to pretend I'm a hippy.

Are any of you going to any festivals this summer? I'm in two minds about Creamfields, I am very tempted I won't lie.

Kathryn x

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Oh Gatsby.

One of my all time favourite books is F Scott Fitzgerald's ‘The Great Gastsby’, I love everything about it: the decadence and frivolity of the time, the characters, the desciption of Gatsby’s house and of course the fashion. I’m also mildly obsessed with the 1974 film so when I heard Baz Luhrmann was re-making it staring, victim of one hell of a girl-crush, Carey Mulligan and, my four year old self’s ideal man, Leonardo Dicaprio I got far too excited. The trailor has just been released and I won’t lie I’m watching it over and over again... I’m that sad. 

Any how I have obviously been loving the costumes and this got me thinking to last September to the Ralph Lauren and Gucci shows who provided us with an abundance of 20’s style pieces with drop waists, heavy embellishment, cloche hats, palazzo pants and art deco patterns. Ralph Lauren’s collection in particular could have literally been the costumes for the movie and coincidentally he designed the costumes for the original film.


This got me thinking to my own wardrobe, I new I had some 20’s style pieces to wear in homage to my Gatsby loving. And after looking through a few boxes I found them.

The first top is from Topshop and I bought it around a year and a half ago in Bristol and rather shamefully it still has the tag on! It’s a beautiful deep mint green colour and what I love so much about it is the neckline which hints at an art deco pattern. I will definitely start wearing it now!  

The second top was actually a birthday present from an ex boyf when I was 17. It was from River Island and I have literally worn it to death.

The final 20’s style piece is actually my Year 11 prom dress so that was back in 2009. I’m not really the sort of girl to wear a diamanteed up My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding style prom dress and I yearned for an All Saints 20’s style dress but I couldn't afford the hefty £250 price tag as an unemployed 15 year old so this Oasis number had to do. And actually I love it and I still wear it nearly 3 years later!

Three years on and All Saints are still selling the 20’s style dresses I love, however they are now offering slightly more affordable skirt versions which I definatley intend to treat myself to when I get some birthday money.

I am aware the film isn't released until christmas time, what can I say I'm massively keen!

Kathryn x

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Pretty Pastels.

Hello just a quick post today. I hope everyones enjoying the amaze weather, I cannot wait until exams are over and I can enjoy it properly without that awful *I should be revising* feeling (bring on the 1st of June). Anyway yesterday I took a cheeky trip to boots get my hands on an Essie nail varnish.

I told myself I was only allowed one after my splurge at the weekend so chose Mint Candy Apple, which I think is the perfect mint colour. In the photo's the colour look slightly more blue toned that it is in reality as it is most definitely a mint green.(Please excuse the AWFUL fake tan hands, I was feeling lazy and couldn't be bothered sorting my hands out when tanning last week).

I love the packaging, it seems fairly sturdy which is perfect especially when it's inevitably chucked carelessly into my makeup bag, the last thing I want is for the bottle to smash. Overall I do really love the colour and as I always apply Sally Hansen 'Mega Shine' over the top of my nail varnish it doesn't chip particularly easily and there is a great shine. However at £7.99 a pop it's not exactly a bargin. Having said that the colours are the perfect pastel shades I've been after and I will defiantly by purchasing a lilac shade and perhaps a lemon yellow ... I honestly can't help myself! 

Good luck to any of you doing exams, it'll be over soon woohoo.

Kathryn x 

Sunday, 20 May 2012

I am stressed therefore I shop.

Apologies for the massive blog slacking, exams have been casually ruining my life. I have gone home in a last ditch attempt to try and revise without distractions so my day to day existence is spent sat looking over lecture notes I do not, and will never understand and then occasionally leaving the house to either see the boyf or travel back up to Manchester for an exam. You don't have to say it, my life is thrilling. I'm going through some serious uni related confusion at the same time as doing exams. This combination means I do one thing ... shop. So off I popped to Milton Keynes shopping center with the intension of doing some serious retail therapy. And you know what I feel 100 times better post spending splurge. Here are a few things I bought.

First off are what I have dubbed as my 'Birthday Shoes'. As it's my birthday at the start of June, I obviously feel I need a whole new outfit and when I saw these bad boys in Kurt Geiger I simply couldn't walk away. I'm a sucker when it comes to studded shoes (lets be honest I'm a sucker for studded anything) and have a worrying obsession with Sam Eldman and these have a feel of his footwear. I can't walk in them to save my life mind and have a feeling when these are combined with alcohol they may make a lethal combination which results in me being rather too well acquainted with the floor. But oh well, they're pretty.


Next up are a slightly more sensible pair of shoes. I popped into Office and bought some plain white low top converse. It was a toss up between these and Vans but went for Converse as I think they look better with Disco Pants which I, along with the rest of the world, have been living in. Their a little dirty already as I have  worn them i kid you not every day since buying them.

Next up I went to Topshop and found just a simple floral crop top which'll be perfect when/ if we FINALLY have some sunshine.


I of course couldn't go shopping without visiting Zara. I have a minor obsession with tie-dye and felt I needed this top in my life as it was less than 20 quid and I have been eyeing up a similar jumper in Urban Oufitters at over double the price! Boom. 

I've also been loving crochet and this white jumper with ribbon detail just needs to be paired up with leather shorts and converse and it's good to go!


Finally from Zara I bought this mint cardie. Like every other girl, woman, blogger in the known universe I have become obsessed with pastels this season. My wardrobe is now full of pastel shades where it was once a sea of grey and black. Am I turning into a human fondant fancy? Yes yes I am.
Me and the madre also went for a cheeky Wagamamas. How much do you love that restaurant? I do go there slightly too regularly, it's got to the point where the staff know me which is always slightly worrying. I had chilli squid and Yaki Soba it's what I get EVERY TIME and it never disappoints.

So the moral of today...When your feeling down, buy clothes and eat Wagamamas. Simple pleasures.

Kathryn x 
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