Monday, 9 April 2012

All Coupled Up.

So for just over a year I have been suffering some serious label lust, the label at the heart of my obsession is The Kooples. The french brand is created by the three sons of the creators of Comptoir des Cotonniers and the brothers themselves have now created a label full of smart tailoring with a rock and roll edge which is inherently cool.

You may have seen the advertising campaigns plastered across taxi’s in London and Paris and it is these advertising campaigns that really make The Kooples stand out and have phenomenal success across Europe. The brand use real life couples to model their clothes however we’re not talking average couples you see walking around the local shopping center on a Saturday. These pairs are breathtakingly beautiful and are pretty much all models, musicians, actors, dj's or something equally cool. The brand has perfectly hit on the consumers subconscious, who wouldn’t want to be part of an uber beautiful uber stylish Koople? ‘Buy our clothes and you can be’.

There is a definite unisex element to their collections but not in the same way as say Americal Apparel. It plays on a couple borrowing each others blazers or slouchy tee’s resulting in a partly androgynous collection erring on masculine. However at the same time subtle feminine touches are added to their womenswear in the form of skull lace and scalloped edges. Their tailoring is created in London’s famous Saville Row resulting in extremely high quality pieces.  

Price wise, The Kooples most definitely is not high street however it is not ultra high end either. The price point is around that of other Parisian labels such as Sandro or Maje meaning the clothes don’t come cheap however their clothes are extremely wearable meaning you get your moneys worth especially considering the high quality of the garments. 

I have only a few items from The Kooples because as a student it is well and truly out of my budget however 2 items I got for christmas presents and actually the sale prices are pretty brilliant. This long sleeved top was 40% off in a store in Nice in France making it around 45 quid! The next two items were decidedly more pricey however I have worn both pieces to death. The skull lace of this top is absolutely gorge and has been brought in this season in pastel shades which is definitely on my birthday list. But my ultimate buy from there has got to be this amazing leather jacket which I have worn every single day since I received it for christmas, it looks amazing with vintage levi shorts and a tee during the day or paired with an lbd for dinner and drinks.

And I’m not the only one seriously loving The Kooples from TV presenters like Caroline Flack to A-listers like Rachel Bilson, the Kooples has a serious celeb following. The oh so stylish girls of Made in Chelsea are often spotted wearing pieces looking sexy and stylish but over everything just looking ridiculously cool.

Up in Manchester we are lucky enough to have a Kooples stand alone store and both Selfridges and House of Fraser stock concessions so after uni, I tend to spend far too much time having a nose at the collection. Also if the clothes aren’t enough of an incentive to have a look, the staff too tend to be ahem rather easy on the eye, ie they are ridiculously

Kathryn x


  1. Love this post. I always lust after their clothes when I see their adverts in magazines. They're always so beautiful and effortlessly cool. I want to be part of it and I want it now! This is really well written too. Not in a patronising way. Just you know what you're talking about and are clearly really passionate about fashion. Like. x

    1. This comment has literally made my day! That is so nice of you to say and I'm really glad you enjoyed reading it :) xxx

  2. <<33 The Kooples, I love how clean cut their designs are. I also like, that you a lot of effort into writing you're posts, I defo agree with the comment above.

    Now Following ^_^

  3. Fantastic post. Adore The Kooples, so cute, quirky and versatile!


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