Sunday, 22 April 2012


So I go to uni in Manchester, the rainiest place IN THE WORLD. So obviously it makes perfect sense for me to buy a Hawaiian shirt. Yes I know its ridiculous but I couldn't help myself, Urban Outfitters lured me in with there blooming 20% off code thing last week. Whenever I get emailed these codes my head doesn't do the rational thing of ‘Well Kathryn you still have to pay 80 percent, thats still a lot of money’ instead my brain thinks ‘MUST BUY, ITS PRACTICALLY FREE’ and I turn into this crazy shopping fiend. So this little number is from a very special man in my life called Mr Overdraft and boy am I grateful for him.

However it’s not just me and overweight ‘socks and sandals' wearing tourists rocking the Hawaiian shirt. Stella McCartney’s Hawaiian themed 2012 Resort collection was full of tropical prints with clothes that could have looked more appropriate at the beach rather than the catwalk. If it’s good enough for Stella McCartney then it’s good enough for me and I feel Stella’s pretty good company. Topshop have also recently teamed up with Maarten Van Der Horst a Dutch new kid on the block to create a collection full of tropical shirts, jackets and erm cycling shorts... jurys out on tropical print cycling shorts.

At the minute I’m pairing mine with vintage levi’s and lots of gold jewellery but I actually think this will look sick over a black bikini on the beach this summer.

Right so I’m off to look ridiculous as I rock a Hawaiian shirt in the pissing rain. Will I stick out like a soar thumb yes yes I will... wish me luck!

Kathryn x

P.S Am I the only person slightly obsessed with Pinterest. literally the best procrastination tool ever invented! 


  1. KP I tried to buy a blazer almost identical to that blouse yesterday but boyfriend wouldn't allow it :(

    1. tell him you have to have it. who needs anything practical anyways when you have a hawaiian blazer to look cool in hahah

  2. Yey i love this!


  3. Ha love it - would love to see what it looks like styled up x

  4. ahaha it makes me want to go to Hawaii. My brain also does that. '5€ off, practically free' :L x

  5. That's a gorgeous top! & who cares if it's raining & gloomy... at least you'll be a bright ray for everybody else :) & look fabulous while going out & about! xo, Megs

  6. Love the top! The print is amazing! The weather may be bloomin' awful but at least the top will cheer everybody up! haha


  7. ah hawaiian shirt in the rain ha maybe itlll make the rain stop!

  8. i think you'll rock it! i like the trend...xx


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