Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Clever Collars.

Oh Zara, how I love you. You just produce beauty after beauty which my bank statement despises you for yet I just need to have. No truer words can be said after I found this little beauty in Zara in Manchester a few weeks ago: white - check, chiffon - check, oversized - check, studded collar DOUBLE CHECK. Studded collars have long been an obsession of mine and this ticks all the boxes. Worn with denim shorts and a leather jacket to spice up an otherwise plain outfit or worn with bodycon and heels for dinner and drinks, I can tell it will be worn to death.

Funnily enough last autumn I bought an extremely similar studded collared shirt from Zara but this time in black which I have hardy had off my back all Autumn/Winter.

A studded collar detail adds a little edge to something which could be plain and a bit too simple. I am loving mine so much I have ordered some studs off eBay to try some cheeky DIY to make my own so watch this space ...

Kathryn x 


  1. love the stud detailing xx


  2. the current Zara collection is one of my favourite ever! absolutely love most of the clothes! great shirt!

  3. ohh, wow that shirt is a-mazing! I envy you so much for owning it! hah :)
    I have the black one, and i have to agree, i don't think i've gone a week without wearing it - lovely blog! :) xo

  4. These collars are amazing, i really love collars at the moment too! Great finds.


  5. Oh gosh that shirt is so so nice! Love the check list too haha!xx

  6. I love that white shirt, I wanted the black one months ago so I need to get in Zara asap!! xx

  7. Hey sweetie! You have a very beautiful blog with a lot of inspiring posts! I'd like to invite you to be my friend and follow each other:)

  8. I love shirts like these, so adorable! xx

  9. i love the idea of studded collars. unfortunately im not a fan of collars. maybe i need to get my hands on some studs either way!
    thank you for the inspirational pictures!


  10. love the shirts! adds a bit of rock to something elegant



  11. i love these shirts! really pretty, and your blog too!
    let's visit my blog :)


  12. i've got the black shirt but i think i've just fallen in love with the white one!!
    gorgeous blog, following :)
    lauren x


  13. Thanks for all your lovely comments, it was a present from Mr Overdraft so have had to live in casual poverty over easter but its such a beaut I couldn't leave it!

    Kathryn x

  14. Kathryn, I'd say judging by your beautiful finds and photographs, that you should start outfit posting....Just a suggestion though :)
    Lydia Elise Millen

    1. Thanks for the suggestion hun! I'm defo going to try it now I'm back at uni and can ambush my flatmates into taking photos of my outfits! xx


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