Monday, 18 February 2013

Back with a ba(n)g.

Oh hello, remember me?! Probably not! It’s been a good few months that I have been away from the blogsphere however I am back! There are many reasons for my absence are but primarily it came down to time, I was merely a slacker of a fresher when I started blogging and second year has come as a shock to the system, my work actually COUNTS towards my degree and that my friends is a terrifying thought, and anyway blogging sort of slipped off the radar as I concentrated on uni. However I have really bloody missed writing on my little space of the internet and so I’m here back behind the computer screen with a bursting wardrobe and a sobbing bank balance.

I thought my first post needed to be guys meet Viv....

Isn’t she BEAUTIFUL, she was my christmas present from my parents and my god I am obsessed. (I’m going to stop referring to my bag as a she now as it sounds slightly creepy). I love the patent leather, the gold orb, the fact you can wear it at 2 different lengths; basically I love EVERYTHING about it. Now I love my Alexa for everyday and I own an extensive collection of Zara clutch bags however I wanted a bag suitablble for both day and night, that’s not as bulky as my Alexa but actually has a strap and this is where this beaut of a bag comes in. The perfect compromise if you will. Dinner, drinks, clubs or shopping I take this bag bloody everywhere. Anyway I will stop gushing now as it is slightly sad/worrying but I hope you’ve enjoyed my brief blogging come back, there is much more to come!

Kathryn xxx

P.S I am now the don of social media so feel free to check out my 
  • Twitter 
  • Tumblr - Mainly just pics of clothes I wish I owned on women I wish I looked like.
  • Instagram - I finally got an iPhone a few months ago (I have actually had 3 iPhones in the past 5 months... I seem to go through iPhones faster than Taylor Swift goes through men) and jumped on the, very late, bandwagon.  

P.P.S Did you enjoy my Blogpost title... I know I know, you don't need to tell me, I am a witty genius haha.

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